Credit Insurance/EXIM Bank

World Class Service at NO COST to U.S. Exporters

EXIM BankThe Export Import Bank of the United States (“EXIM”) relies heavily on highly skilled independent brokers to provide day to day guidance to U.S. Exporters and navigate the claims process. In fact, EXIM Bank covers all of the cost of broker services to EXIM customers which allows U.S. Exporters to choose an experienced EXIM authorized service provider to act as a liaison between your business and EXIM with no extra premium required.

Using Express Credit Insurance Program to Grow Your Business

EXIM’s risk mitigation products, such as credit insurance, allows U.S. businesses to export products and services with confidence. Credit insurance is more than a regular insurance tool, it is also a finance, business development, risk management, and growth program if utilized correctly.

Express Credit Insurance Does Not Run Itself

There are a plethora of reasons why a credit insurance program is not working to its full potential, or even worse, is not providing coverage. An extra set of eyes and expertise is very helpful to help US business keep in compliance with the exporter’s obligations under the policy and get the most from EXIM underwriters concerning the buyer limits your company needs. Also, EXIM customers will definitely benefit from having someone knowledgeable on their side to time of claims. EXIM is very thorough with checking for proper documentation in time of claim and presenting a well organized presentation is key to getting paid.

Moheyer Insurance Advisors Credit Insurance Compliance Program

Moheyer Insurance Advisors offers credit insurance compliance advocacy exclusively for customers of EXIM’s Express Credit Insurance Program.

Our Value Proposition

  • Limits and Buyers
  • Reporting Shipments Correctly
  • Understanding Responsibilities as an EXIM customer
  • Document Management in case of a Claim
  • Reporting Past Due Shipments
  • Filing Claims

Next Steps

Sherrod Seward, Esq.Our credit insurance team is led by Sherrod Seward, Esq. who has provided credit insurance broker services throughout the United States for years. Sherrod is also an experience international law attorney and a member of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Export Legal Assistance Network. Prior to working with Moheyer Insurance Advisors, Sherrod worked with the largest broker of credit insurance in the World but decided to join Moheyer Insurance Advisors to work exclusively with EXIM Express Credit Insurance customers.

“I love making a tangible contribution to the growth of a business’ international prowess,” says Sherrod Seward. “Express Credit Insurance is exciting because it is the tool of choice for U.S. Exporters to trail blaze fresh paths in unknown markets.”

We would like to talk to you about your current program and future ambitions with a complimentary policy walkthrough.

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