Automotive & Truck Dealerships

Auto & Truck dealerships (franchised and non-franchise) have unique risks associated with their operation which make it difficult for business owners to find quality coverage at a fair price. Insurance claims on Dealerships tend to swing drastically year to year, impacting rates across the board.

As a specialist in this market niche, our finger is on the pulse of such claims so we can guide you to ensure proper coverage at a competitive price.

Have you ever wondered:
  • Is there a difference in coverage when my employee drives a demo during normal business hours vs. non-business hours?
  • Does your floor plan insurance have the same coverage as your non-floored inventory/vehicles? If not- what happens if there is a gap in coverage?
  • Are my vehicles covered in the event of a flood? What about my building?
  • Am I responsible for a customers vehicle while left on my lot after 5 days?
  • If I have a hailstorm on the lot, does my policy cover all vehicles?
  • Does our finance department have coverage in the event our computers are hacked and the customers personal information is compromised?
  • What is the best practice when professional athletes ask for a car in return for free advertising?
  • When completing a dealer exchange, does my policy limit the radius of pick up and/or delivery?
  • Will my insurance be compromised if I start a leasing operation?

Have you ever questioned:

  • Why is this bogus claim being settled rather than challenged and/or fought?
  • Why does my agent show up once a year and always 1 day before the renewal?
  • Is my representative working for the insurance company or on my behalf?
  • Why are my rates going up when I haven’t had any claims?

The value of working with Moheyer Insurance Advisors is simple – we speak your language and know your industry, we serve the customer first, we don’t make excuses, and we treat our customers like immediate family.

Although it may seem simple, these principals are what separates our agency from the competitors.

Give us a call to experience the difference.

We look forward to earning your trust.